Fire Safety System

When the worst happens, you want to make sure you know that it’s happening as soon as possible. Minimize the fire damage in connects to central monitoring stations or local fire departments. This ensures a rapid response to alarms and increases the chances of effectively controlling the fire before it spreads.

Lawson Electricians can install fire detection devices, such as:

  • Smoke Detectors: These devices sense the presence of smoke particles in the air and can trigger alarms when smoke is detected.
  • Heat Detectors: Heat detectors respond to elevated temperatures in the environment and are often used in areas where smoke detectors might produce false alarms such as kitchens.
  • Flame Detectors: These detectors can identify the presence of flames by detecting specific wavelengths of light associated with fire.

All of these can connect directly to your fire alarm control panel (FACP) and trigger an alarm, a sprinkler system, and notify the fire department.

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